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All-in-One Map Tool

All-in-One Map Tool


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  • Size: 4" x 7" (10.1 x 17.8cm)
  • Weight: 1oz (5g)

Retail Price: $18.00

Product Code: 1001-000-0


Featured in Backpacker Magazine (March 2007 issue), the pocket-sized Brooks-Range All-in-One™ Map Tool contains the major UTM scales and slope indexes typically used on topography maps in the US (including Alaska), Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Japan.

Made from a non-glare, flexible plastic material that resists breakage at the corners or tearing in cold weather and severe conditions. It only measures 4 x 7 inches and fits easily in your pocket. Designed to meet or exceed USGS standards for accuracy to 1/50th of an inch.

It has eight distance scales located along the edges for use on almost any topo map, from 1:25,000 through 1:250,000. All scales are in miles (mi), except for three which are in both miles (mi) and kilometers (km). Besides distance scales, this tool has six slope indexes, and eight UTM scales. The compass rose has 360° and 64° notation and can double as an inclinometer.

All these features make the Brooks-Range Map Tool as essential for orienteering as a map and compass.

Detailed instructions included and can be downloaded above.

8 Distance Scales:
1:20,000 1:24,000 1:25,000 1:30,750 1:50,000 1:62,500 1:63,360 1:100,000 1:125,000 1:250,000

6 Slope Indexes:
1:24,000 1:25,000 1:50,000 1:62,500 1:63,360 1:100,000
Contour 40 ft 10m, 20m, 40m 20m, 40m 100 ft 100 ft 50m

Eight UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) scales, five of which are corner readers, with 10m increments and easy to read markings every 100m in red as follows:

8 Universal Transverse Mercator Scales
Units 100m (corner) 100m (corner) 100m squares 100m (corner) 100m (corner) 1 km (corner) 1 km (corner) 1.0 & 0.1 km (corner)

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