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Tarps Accessories

At Brooks-Range, we understand that every ounce counts to the gear-laden backpacker who is trekking through the backcountry. A well constructed, durable and rugged tarp tent or tarp shelter is an smart solution for someone who wants to travel light.

Form follows function when it comes to our tarp tent and tarp shelters. We give you every advantage we can with ingredients that won't bog you down, including:

Gimmick Free Designs

Thanks to rigorous field-testing by professional guide.

Advanced Fabrics

The lightest weight, highest thread-count fabrics available. Calendered fabrics deliver water resistance that won't wear out and breathes like simple nylon.

Superior Construction

Every product has straight, tight seams that are double-stitched, over-lock stitched, or bar-tacked at critical zones to last and last.

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Tensioner Cord Set Tensioner Cord Set

Lightweight and durable

Retail Price: $4.00