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Brooks-Range shovels are superb avalanche & backcountry tools — bombproof and versatile. Hauler EXT Shovels features slots cut into the shaft so they can double as stretcher bars for a rescue sled in avalanche rescue or other emergencies. Our Compact Shovel is small enough to fit into any backcountry pack. The Sharktooth feature allows you to dig easily into hard snow and ice.

  • Anodized in a variety of colors to prevent oxidization
  • The yokes joining the shafts and blades are extra long for strength
  • Telescoping shafts allow you to dig deeper and throw each scoop further
  • The tops of the blades are flat so you can kick 'em repeatedly to penetrate hard, icy snow
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    Brooks Range Hauler EXT Shovel Hauler EXT Shovel
    Sale Price: $29.95
    Brooks Range Hauler Sharktooth Shovel Hauler Sharktooth Shovel
    Sale Price: $29.95