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If you work or play in the snow, the key to avoiding avalanches is understanding the snowpack, the conditions that cause them, the terrain where they are likely to occur, and the specific nuances of the snow where you intend to travel. A snow science kit and the snow study tools it includes are key components for staying safe in the backcountry.
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Snow Study Kit-Digital Pro Snow Study Kit-Digital Pro

This is essentially the Pro Snow Study Kit enhanced with a dual-scale (Celsius & Fahrenheit) Digital Thermometer.

Retail Price: $169.95
Snow Study Kit-Basic Snow Study Kit-Basic

Our most basic Snow Study Kit includes all the essential tools for quick evaluation of the snowpack.

Retail Price: $89.95
Professional Guide Toolkit Professional Guide Toolkit

A quick and easy way to purchase all of your backcountry accessories at once.

Retail Price: $69.95
Field Book #311 Field Book #311

Rite in the Rain® is the amazing paper that allows you to write on it with a pen or pencil under any conditions.

Retail Price: $14.95
Backcountry Trekker Pro Toolkit Backcountry Trekker Pro Toolkit

This convenient package includes all the best tools for your backcountry information needs:

* All-in-One Map Tool Pro
* Field Organizer
* SOS Card/Helicopter Landing Zone Card
* All-in-One Emergency Lat/Long Ruler
* Field Book #311

Retail Price: $47.50
Ski Guide Cards Ski Guide Cards

This set of 18 double-sided, full-color cards contain vital information for mountaineering ski guides and backcountry travelers.

Retail Price: $24.95
Field Organizer Field Organizer

Designed to hold our Rite in the Rain® field books, this bright yellow, waterproof cover organizes all of the items you use with your field book. (Pictured items sold separately.)

Retail Price: $19.00
Snow Crystal Card Snow Crystal Card

Our Brooks-Range Snow Crystal Card provides a stable base and grids for examining snow crystals. It also doubles as an Inclinometer by using the attached string and weight. The Snow Crystal Card has laser etched textured 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm grids, inclinometer increments of 1 degree, crystal and snow pit 'prompt legends' and centimeter and inch rulers.

Retail Price: $11.95
Snow Crystal Card Pro Snow Crystal Card Pro

Our Brooks-Range Snow Crystal Card Pro is designed with the professional in mind. The frontside has laser-etched 1mm, 2mm and 3mm snow crystal grids for examining snow crystals plus an Inclinometer for measuring slope angle by using the attached string and weight in 1 degree increments. On the backside are instructions for performing a Rutschblock and compression test, and smaller 1mm, 2mm and 3mm grids. Made of durable, anodized aluminum.

Retail Price: $13.95
Snow Grid Card Snow Grid Card

Our Brooks-Range Grid Card provides a stable base and expansive grids for examining snow crystals. Uncluttered with only large areas of the 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm grids to determine crystal size and shape. This handy black screen simplifies snow crystal analysis.

Retail Price: $8.95
Rutschblock Cord Rutschblock Cord

Our Brooks-Range Rutschblock Cord provides greatly improved performance over the traditional knotted rope, producing effective snow profiles with minimal effort. The Rutschblock Cord is virtually indestructible. The large loop handles at both ends of the Cord allow for easy grasp with gloves. This cord is made of 3/64” industrially rated steel cable with a “Safety Orange” PVC coating with a working strength of about 270 pounds.

Retail Price: $25.95
2' Snow Brush 2' Snow Brush

2-inch wide natural bristle brush with wooden handle. Great for use in snow study pits!

Retail Price: $3.95
Slope Meter Slope Meter

The Brooks-Range Slope Meter (commonly known as an Inclinometer) is an essential tool for backcountry adventurers traveling through avalanche-prone terrain. It takes the guess work out of slope gradient assessment, measuring the gradient of a slope up to 55 marked at every degree, and stabilizing quickly for fast reading.

Retail Price: $23.95
Snow Grid Decal Snow Grid Decal

Our handy black Snow Grid Decal makes quick work of snow crystal analysis by providing 1 and 2 mm grids to measure crystal size and shape.

Retail Price: $0.50
Folding Ruler 100cm Folding Ruler 100cm

Outdoor grade, 1 meter folding ruler in metric (cm, mm) and imperial (inches) gradations. Available in 100 cm (39.5" extended; 24 cm /4.75" folded) and 200cm (78.74" extended; 23.5 cm /9.25" folded) models.

Retail Price: $7.95
Folding Ruler 200cm Folding Ruler 200cm

A full, 200 cm folding ruler with metric and inch gradations. Each section snaps to 90° right angles, or in-line. Red highlights every 10cm on the metric side, every foot on the imperial scale.

Retail Price: $9.95
Dial Stem Thermometer Dial Stem Thermometer

Our Dial Stem Thermometers read degrees in Celsius only since it is the standard scale for international studies in snow science. It comes with an easy-to-read one-inch diameter dial and five-inch long stem. The stainless steel stem has adjustment for calibration. Includes a case with a clip.

Retail Price: $12.95
Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer

Features a dual scale (-50 C to +150 C/-58 F to 302 F). Fast 1-second update time.

Retail Price: $29.95
Folding Magnifier X10 Folding Magnifier X10

Excellent tool for viewing snow crystals in the field. Folds flat for compact storage (2.25" x.1.5" x 0.5"). 10X Magnification. Inch and metric scales.

Retail Price: $9.95
Electronic Snow Density Gauge 250 Electronic Snow Density Gauge 250

Brooks-Range designed a compact backcountry version of a snow density gauge similar to that currently used by the National Weather Service. The Brooks-Range Electronic Snow Density Gauge 250cc is the optimum tool for field measuring of snow density.

Retail Price: $119.00
Snow Sampling Gauge 1000cc Snow Sampling Gauge 1000cc

Two snow sampling tools in one! We designed this Brooks-Range Snow Sampling Gauge 1000cc as a practical and professional field tool for measuring both the water equivalent and snow density of layers in the snowpack.

Retail Price: $179.95
Snow Study Organizer Pro Snow Study Organizer Pro

Organize your snow study tools with our top of the line Snow Study Organizer Pro™! Bright yellow nylon with red trim for visibility, this zippered organizer holds all your field tools in easy to find pockets.

Retail Price: $49.95