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Whether you’re curled up out under the open sky or tucked away safely in your tent, you’ll be depending on your sleeping bag to keep you warm and comfortable. We have put together a list of the very best camping sleeping bags so that you can make an informed choice.

A quality sleeping bag will last for years, providing protection from pests, giving you warmth, and offering a comfortable way to sleep in the wild. We have looked at a number of sleeping bags that are on the market today, and we’ve compared them to find the top ten choices for you.

Who wants to be trying to fall asleep outdoors but tossing and turning in their sleeping bag because it’s uncomfortable, not thick enough, or not warm enough for a good night’s sleep? Make your next camping trip enjoyable in all the right ways by choosing one of the best sleeping bags on the market.

Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

  1. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag
  2. Coleman North Rim Mummy Sleeping Bag
  3. Coleman Silverton Sleeping Bag
  4. Teton Sports Celsius XL Sleeping Bag
  5. Kelty Galactic 30 Degree Down Sleeping Bag
  6. OmniCore Designs Mil-Spec 6-pc. Modular Sleeping Bag System
  7. IFORREST Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
  8. TETON Sports Altos-S 0F Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag
  9. Coleman Duck Harbor Cool Weather Adult Sleeping Bag
  10. OneTigris Down Sleeping Bag

1. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

Price: $

Material: Nylon and Polyester

Temperature Rating: 50-70°F

Pros: Very affordable, Waterproof and easy-to-clean design, Separated zipper makes it versatile

Cons: Can be a bit noisy

This weather resistant sleeping bag keeps out water and keep you warm. The double fill feature ensures that you get lots of padding for a soft sleeping experience and a cozy, warm bag. 

The separated zipper lets you poke your feet out through the bottom so that you can sleep however you like. The outer material is made from a polyester fabric that’s designed not to tear and is great at keeping water out. Even though it is waterproof, it’s still breathable and airy, and the lining material is a polyester pongee that soft and comfortable.

This material used in this sleeping bag is really easy to clean off, as it repels stains, liquids, and other particles. The bag comes with a compression sack with straps to make it easy to tote. Oaskys made the bag big enough to accommodate two people comfortably. 

This product is also backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. The manufacturers stand behind their product, which makes us feel good about recommending it despite the low price point.

2. Coleman North Rim Mummy Sleeping Bag

Price: $

Material: Polyester

Temperature Rating: 0°F

Pros: Excellent at retaining heat, Ventilation option

Cons: Kind of heavy for hiking with, May be difficult to pack back

This is one of the better cold weather bags, keeping you warm in temperatures as low as 0°F. It’s great at trapping in the heat thanks to a specialized design known as a thermolock draft tube. The hood is partially sculpted and comes with a drawstring to help keep heat trapped in. If you want to get a little extra ventilation and keep your feet cool when the weather warms up, you can use the zipper on the bottom.

This bag can be really heavy compared to a lot of its counterparts, weighing in at nearly six pounds. It does come with a 6-year warranty and includes a stuff sack for easy carrying. Another downside is that it can be tough to put it back into the sack. Once you roll it from the top, though, it should fit back into the bag without much trouble.

Coleman has made a really standout camping sleeping bag when it comes to providing warmth and retaining heat. If you’re going to be camping in very cold weather with little exterior protection, this is one of the better options

3. Coleman Silverton Sleeping Bag

Price: $$

Material: Polyester

Temperature Rating: 0°F

Pros: Incredibly warm and excellent for cold weather camping, High-quality design built for comfort and convenience

Cons: Not roomy enough for larger people

This is the new and upgraded version of the Coleman North Rim sleeping bag. It will cost you more than that older version, but it has some snazzy upgrades that make it worth a look. You get a 5-year warranty with this bag and a contoured bag top with an adjustable drawstring to keep heat trapped in. 

It also has a lightweight design, using hollowed polyester insulation that’s excellent at retaining heat and that doesn’t make for a very bulky, heavy bag. So, you can use this when you go hiking and not feel weighed down by it.

One of the new upgrades for this bag is a no-snag zipper. If you ever caught your sleeping bag zipper on the polyester fabric before, you know this can be a common issue that can actually tear the bag and decrease the lifespan of your sleeping bag.

This is also a machine washable sleeping bag that is designed to be easy to clean, and like its predecessor, it does an excellent job of providing both ventilation and warmth.

4. Teton Sports Celsius XL Sleeping Bag

Price: $$

Material: Ripstop and Poly Flannel

Temperature Rating: -25°F

Pros: Lots of value for the price, Lots of space to spread out, One of the best temperature ratings available

Cons: Cheap zipper

If you’re looking for something that’s really roomy and higher end than some of the choices we’ve given you so far, then you definitely want to give this extra large sleeping bag from Teton Sports a try. The bag is made with a double layer construction for extra durability and warmth. The draft tubes on the zipper and shoulder will help you to stay snug and warm as well. The hollow fiber fill keeps the bag somewhat lightweight while providing plenty of insulation.

This sleeping bag compresses pretty easily, fitting into a small compression sack. Often, the compression sacks that come with sleeping bags tend to tear easily and need to be replaced shortly after purchasing, but this one’s extra durable.

You get plenty of room to spread your legs out in this sleeping bag or share it with a partner. It’s perfect for large frame people, and you can unzip it on either side to let in air or give you even more room. The semi-rectangular shape and hood top ensure that your pillow stays off the ground and your head remains warm.

Because this bag is so big, providing tons of space, it may not be ideal for backpacking and hiking. But, if you want to feel pampered when you’re camping, you can’t really go wrong with this Teton Sports bag.

5. Kelty Galactic 30 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $$$

Material: Down fill

Temperature Rating: 30°F

Pros: Very roomy, Compact and lightweight

Cons: Comparatively poor temperature rating

The Kelty Galactic sleeping bag is filled with soft down for one of the most comfortable camping bags around. The down also helps the bag compress easily and keeps you really toasty and warm. The bag is equipped with locking zippers to give you extra ventilation or to trap in the heat as needed, and it has a cinch cord at the top end of the bag to make sure you stay warm. You can also zip two Kelty Galactic bags together to double up with a partner.

This bag has high quality stitching and a durable design that ensures it will last for a long time. It’s also compact, lightweight, and compresses well. Weighing just over two pounds, you can definitely fit this on your back and carry it hiking without much difficulty.

The shape of the bag ensures that it’s roomy and long, so most people have plenty of space to sleep comfortably. If you have found other sleeping bags to be too constrictive and not spacious enough for you, then this is probably a better option. 

6. OmniCore Designs Mil-Spec 6-pc. Modular Sleeping Bag System

Price: $$$

Material: Ripstop and Down

Temperature Rating: -30°F

Pros: Everything you could want in a sleeping bag system, Keeps you warm no matter what the temperature is, Very durable construction

Cons: Could benefit from fasteners to hold layers in place

The sleeping bag has it all, with a powerful temperature rating that can handle below zero temperatures and down filling that keeps you comfortable and cozy during camping trips. It features a waterproof exterior so that you can put it straight onto the ground with no worries that your bed will become damp. 

The six-pack system being advertised in the name means you get a cold weather sleeping bag and an intermediate duck down sleeping bag for slightly warmer weather, as well as a waterproof cover and three kinds of storge stuff sacks. So, you can switch out different parts to provide the kind of sleeping arrangement you need for your environment or the weather. This sleeping bag is designed to be customizable and accommodate you no matter what the temperature is or what time of year you’re going camping.

Each of the three layers has a different color, so it’s easy to tell which one you’re using. 

The sleeping system boasts very durable construction, but if you’re using multiple layers, you may have some issues with getting them to stay in place. Because there are no fasteners or buttons to hold them where they should be, they may slip and slide around as you sleep.

7. IFORREST Double Sleeping Bag for Adults

Price: $$

Material: Polyester and Cotton

Temperature Rating: 30°F

Pros: Roomy, Detaches to make two sleeping bags

Cons: Very heavy (7 pounds)

If you prefer to partner up in your sleeping bag, try this double sleeper from IFORREST. You can use it to cozy up with a partner inside the same sleeping bag or separate it to make two individual sleeping bags. This is an incredibly roomy bag, so you won’t feel tight on space, but it’s also pretty bulky. It weighs in at about 7 pounds, so you’re probably not going to want to take it in your backpack.

The newest version has been upgraded to provide some extra space. It’s now 1.6 inches wider than the previous version. 

You can unzip this double sleeping bag at the bottom to let your feet out or to let in some extra air. Even though the temperature rating is just down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a great cold weather bag to keep you warm all year long. Other bags that post a similar rating don’t provide the same level of warmth and protection that this one does.

8. TETON Sports Altos-S 0F Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

Price: $$

Material: Ripstop and Polyester

Temperature Rating: 0°F

Pros: Lightweight, durable design, Feels great to sleep in

Cons: Not very roomy

One of the standout features of the Altos-S is that it has a three-piece hood so you can adjust it to your comfort level and heat needs. It is very light as the name implies, weighing in at about 3 1/2 pounds. It’s also really warm and cozy, supposedly providing protection from cold temperatures all the way down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. In reality, the protection isn’t quite that good, but it is pretty close.

The ripstop material used to make most of the sleeping bag is very tough and would be difficult to damage. You can lay your sleeping bag down on the hard ground and not worry too much about it tearing or being damaged. The shape makes it a snug fit for most people, so if you’re built with a larger frame, it might not be right from you. That mummy shape does help to trap in heat very well, though, and it also helps to make the bag easy to pack.

One feature that several reviewers mentioned about this bag is how nice it feels against your skin. That’s something a lot of sleeping bags are missing. They feel like a poor substitute for a regular bed because of how slippery they can be. Even though this sleeping bag is made of synthetic material, it’s not as plasticky as many of the other camping sleeping bags, so if that’s been an issue for you in the past, it is worth giving this one a try.

9. Coleman Duck Harbor Cool Weather Adult Sleeping Bag

Price: $

Material: Cotton

Temperature Rating: 50°F

Pros: Doubles as a comforter, Easy to clean

Cons: Not suitable for use in very cold weather or on the ground

This sleeping bag from Coleman is specially designed for cool weather rather than cold weather. That’s why the temperature rating is only around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re in a warmer environment, you can open up the bottom zipper for venting to let some cool air in.

The bag is made from soft, quality cotton, giving you a sleeping experience that comes as close to sleeping in your own bed as possible. It’s a well-constructed bag that should prove very durable, particularly for the low price point. There’s a lot of value to be had here, and the sleeping bag has some nice features like an interior pocket, no-snag zippers, and easy cleaning (machine washable).

Unlike a lot of the other sleeping bags on this list, you probably won’t want to place this one directly onto the ground when you’re camping. It’s best to have some sort of layer between the ground and your sleeping bag since this is made from soft cotton and is not water resistant. It’s also not made for very cold weather, so make sure you’re taking the appropriate bag for the temperature level you’ll be dealing with. If you’re looking for something that is incredibly comfortable, though, you really can’t go wrong with this Duck Harbor sleeping bag.

The bag also features something called “roll control” which means that it rolls up easily. You will likely not find a sleeping bag that’s easier to pack away than this one.

10. OneTigris Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $$

Material: Nylon and Cotton

Temperature Rating: 32°F

Pros: Incredibly soft, Can handle a lot of wear and tear

Cons: Could be a bit too snug

This is definitely a sleeping bag that’s designed for the outdoors and the rough and tough environment it’s going to have to deal with. You can put the sleeping bag down on the ground with confidence knowing that it can handle that kind of abuse. The bag boasts a duck down and cotton filling that’s very soft, making it easy to feel at home even when you’re camping in the wilderness.

This bag features an inner pocket, dual zippers, and an adjustable hood. You get a very comfortable sleeping bag that’s soft and durable- all in a package that weighs less than two and a half pounds. We think that’s a great value for what you’re paying, and that makes it a good hiking and camping bag.

The snug and formfitting design is meant to wrap around you and keep you warm. That doesn’t leave you a lot of room to maneuver, and it might not be a good choice for someone with a larger frame, but for most people, this will be a great way to stay warm on cold nights outdoors.

Best Camping Sleeping Bags Buyers Guide

What kind of sleeping bag will be the warmest?

How warm a sleeping bag depends on what it’s made out of and what its temperature rating is. That temperature rating is a great indicator as to how cozy you’ll feel in cold weather.

Cotton provides a lot of warmth, and the filling used can indicate how warm the bag will be. Check the fill numbers- the warmest sleeping bags have a down fill of 900+. That’s the highest possible level of insulation that down can provide and the top quality down available. 

Warm sleeping bags may have draft tubes as well, and these let out cold air while helping to trap in the warm air. Look for bags that offer features to keep you insulated, like pull strings at the top of the bag. 

What is the best sleeping bag shape?

There are three basic sleeping bag shapes you can pick from- rectangular, semi-rectangular, and mummy. The rectangular is best for sharing with a partner. The mummy offers a snug fit (for maximum warmth), and the semi-rectangular gives you a flap for your pillow. 

Who makes the best sleeping bag?

Be prepared to pay a lot of money if you want the highest-rated sleeping bags. When looking for the best, though, make sure you’re comparing prices, reading customer reviews, and checking for features that matter to you. What one person considers the best sleeping bag may not be the same as what someone else does. The environment you’ll be using the bag in, the preferred shape of the bag, and how soft the bag is are all factors that help determine which one is right for you.

Other Considerations when Buying a Sleeping Bag

When you want to purchase the best possible sleeping bag for your camping trip, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Here’s what you should be looking for:


One of the most important factors when selecting a sleeping bag is how long it will last. A well-made sleeping bag using quality materials can handle some tough conditions.

If you plan to be sleeping on the ground or using your sleeping bag extensively throughout the year, you want something that will give you good value for your money. Ripstop nylon is incredibly durable and one of the more common materials used for sleeping bag exteriors to ensure their toughness. 


What good is a sleeping bag if it doesn’t allow you to sleep comfortably in it? Check the filling for any bag you’re thinking to purchase. Down is considered the most comfortable filling for sleeping bags, and polyfill is often considered the least desirable filling. It’s not just the filling you should check, though.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the interior fabric of the bag. Whether it’s cotton, nylon, polyester, or something else, make sure it’s something that you’re comfortable putting next to your skin. Some sleeping bags also include a pillow or headrest for added comfort.


You do need be careful about which kind of filling your bag has and how that affects machine washing the bag. Certain types of filling can bunch up in the wash, and your sleeping bag may need to be hand washed and drip dried. 

Temperature Rating- You should consider where you’re going to be using your sleeping bag. Will it be inside a tent that provides some protection from wind and condensation? Will it be outdoors in very, very cold weather?

You want a bag that offers use some protection from the elements if you’ll be exposed, particularly if you’re going to be camping in wintertime. Check the temperature rating on the bag to make sure it can keep you warm as you sleep. Keep in mind that even if the temperature rating says one thing, you might not be warm and comfortable at that temperature in the sleeping bag.


There are some other features that may be important to you that you might not have considered when making your purchase. Would you like an interior pocket in the sleeping bag? Would you like your sleeping bag to be able to connect to another like bag so you can double up? Do you need ventilation for your feet?

Do you want the bag to have a contoured, rounded top to keep your pillow off the ground? All of these are worth considering before you make your purchase.

Weight- How bulky and heavy the bag is will determine whether you can easily tote it on your back when you hike through the woods or not. If it’s heavier than a few pounds, you probably don’t want to backpack with it. 


With the right sleeping bag, you can feel like you’re able to sleep anywhere. The best camping sleeping bags provide comfort and warmth to make your camping trip more enjoyable.

Hopefully, you found something on this list that appeals to you, or you at least have some ideas now about what to look for in a sleeping bag for your next camping trip.


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