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Snacking along the trail is the only way to keep your energy levels topped up. Skip the snacks and there’s a good chance you’re going to crash. Low energy levels can lead to mistakes – a foot placed wrong, a map read wrong, an important piece of gear forgotten. Why take the chance?

Keep yourself energized with GORP – that good ‘ol raisins ‘n peanuts mix. It’s easy to make, quick to pack and convenient for quick munching. The only problem is that eating the same thing time and again can get a little boring. Try switching the mix.

Add Chocolate
Sugar never fails to enthuse. The problem with chocolate is that it has a tendency to melt. M&M’s don’t. Add these sweet treats to your standard raisin and peanut mix to bump the excitement level up a notch.

Take Something Different
Switch the peanuts for almonds, cover the raisins with sugary yoghurt and add some tart dried cranberries. Yoghurt-covered raisins do well in cool to moderate temperatures, but they will melt on hot hiking days.

Go Bananas
Dried fruits (beyond raisins) are great energy boosters. Take some dried bananas, chop up some dried apples, add a little dried pineapple and dice up some dried mango. Add some thickly shredded dried coconut and cashews for a little protein and you’ve got a treat worth going ape over!

Try a Twist
Add some salty pretzels to your raisins and peanuts. Crunchy salty stuff always pleases the palate.

Skip the Sweet
For a change, leave the chocolate and dried fruit out of the mix. Take some pretzels, peanuts and those melt-in-your-mouth, fish-shaped, cheesy crackers along in a bag for the ultimate in crunch and salt appeal.

What’s your favorite trail mix?


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