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There are some that love the rush of careening down a fresh slope, wind blowing against their face, feeling frigid and yet possibly the most free they’ve ever been. ‘The scene would be perfect’, you might say, ‘if not for immense crowding and having to wait in line at the lift’. Enter Ski Touring. Though it could be said that Ski Touring (similar to Backcountry Skiing) has been around since John “Snowshoe” Thompson carried mail to and fro across the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1855, the sport has taken on increasing popularity in recent years. Ski Touring and Backcountry skiing are a welcome break from life in the city; calm and peaceful, yet exhilarating and physically challenging. No doubt some of the reasons more people are turning to the sport.


Many are somewhat familiar with Backcountry Skiing, but what is the difference between Ski Touring and Backcountry Skiing? Backcountry Skiing is skiing in the backcountry on unmarked or unpatrolled areas whether inside or outside a ski resort’s boundaries. Unlike ski touring, backcountry skiing may include the use of ski lifts, snowcats and helicopters. Ski Touring typically takes place outside of resort areas and extends over a longer period of time, most often overnight or longer. 


As with anything taking place in nature, Ski Touring is not without danger. In fact, its highly recommended to take a course in avalanche safety and bring along proper equipment; including a light weight shovel and an avalanche beacon. What are some other necessary tools for Ski Touring or Backcountry Skiing? Check out Alpine-Guides for a list of Ski Touring equipment advice . Brooks Range also has, Shovels, Backcountry & Heli Ski Straps, Backcountry Tool Kits and more. Check out our products page!

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